Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lohan Rumored for Superman

I really hope this isnt true.

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly under consideration for a major role in director Zack Snyder's Superman film. 

According to TMZ, "Lindsay's people have had multiple phone conversations within the last few weeks with the people behind the new Superman reboot. We're told Lindsay is up for a role in the flick -- and while it isn't Lois Lane, we hear it would be a 'major character.' We're told Lindsay is supposed to meet personally with the Superman people soon -- but she might be a little busy with that felony grand theft charge thing." 

Rumor has it the second female lead in Superman will be Ursa, the Kryptonian villainess and Phantom Zone escapee played by Sarah Douglas in Superman: The Movie and Superman II.


  1. hope it isnt true too :)

  2. doesnt seem like her type of movie...

  3. hope not!

  4. noo!!!! just put her in jail already.

  5. i don't blame her for liking excessive fun. she's just famous enough for it to really matter to tabloids and such.